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Sep 17, 2018
Top White Tio2 For Cast Film THR-128
Top white Tio2 is designed to satisfy high quality cast film production. Compare with most top level Tio2 produced by sulphate process, THR128 can deliver better performance to cast film production.

Key Features
Different from many general multipurpose Tio2, top white Tio2 THR128 is professionally produced with features of easy dispersing and processing fluidity, much lower luminous transmittance, and excellent low oil absorption & low volatility. All these features deliver stable & good performance on cast film production.

Typical Properties of THR128
Crystal FormRutile Type
Manufacturing ProcessSulfate
Inorganic Surface TreatmentnH2O & Al2O3
Organic Surface TreatmentYes

Technical Index
Content Of Titanium Dioxide≥98.20%
Oil Absorption (g/100g)≤13
Volatiles At 105℃0.15%
Volatiles At 300℃ After Volatiles At 105℃0.08%
Color Tested In White PVC-P (L*)97.20
Tinting Strength In Gray PVC-P103
Filtration Pressure Value (FPV) , bar/g0.03
Melt Flow Rate(MFR), g/10min23
Vacuum Density g/cm34.1
Product index is subject to inspection

Packaging Conditions
25kg paper-plastic composite bag is regular THR-128 packing And 500kg&1000kg packing is also available for direct massive production.Rutile Tio2 factory