The Launch of a new Era...


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Staff member
Apr 9, 2018
Hey guys,

Welcome our latest innovation Nemesis! Use it to post any threads related to Crypto, Gaming, tech-world, your opinions, polls, whatever you wanna post!
As we all know, in today's world, only the best survives. We're doing all in our power to make Nemesis the best place for intelligent people like us!
We will also include an automated marketplace where anyone can sell their things hassle-free, without needing to do the hard work.
Bitcointalk is the best as we all know, but not for long! Let us all accept that the user-interface of bitcointalk is crap! But Nemesis on the other hand has a material design and we keep on improving it till we achieve the best! So, I ask you all to hodl my hand & let's bring a storm together!!


New member
Apr 10, 2018
looks like this could be an awesome forum! We can always use new forums with good quality info! Look forward to watching this project grow and posting some of my own posts about crypto news!